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Voice Over

Randy McGravey is proud to provide voice over for your commercial, business, animation, or other needs. His experience is mostly for commercials and he has a professional home studio, which makes jobs quick, easy and top-notch. Listen to some samples below to hear Randy's voice in different contexts. If you have a project that requires voice over, please feel free to email or use the contact form!

Studio Details

Microphones: AKG C214, Sennheiser MD-421, Shure Beta 58, Shure SM 58, RM-BIV1 Ribbon Mic, Shure SM57

Equipment: Vocal Booth, Presonus Studio 1810C interface, Alctron PF8 Mic Screen, Tuga Microphone Isolation Shield, Pop filters, Beyerdynamic DT880 headphones, Yamaha HS5 Studio monitors, Avantone Mixcube studio monitor, Mackie Monitor Controller, iRig Stream

Software: Presonus Studio One Pro, Reaper, Izotope Ozone 8


Eastern Standard Time (EST), UTC-05:00

General Availability is Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 8 PM. Appointments can be made for the weekends as well.

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