Music Lessons with Randy McGravey

Randy teaches lessons for guitar, ukulele, and bass guitar. In-person lessons are done at Randy's studio in Wilton, NH. Remote/online lessons are done through Zoom or Skype. Lesson rates are $35 per half hour.


How long does it take to learn an instrument?

Different students learn and progress at different rates. It really depends how much effort and practice you put into it. Realistically, with regular practice you can likely play several full songs in your first few months.

For guitar, should I start on acoustic or electric?

You can start on either. Some people think you need to start on acoustic, but electric is actually slightly easier due to the thickness of the strings. I personally started on electric. For electric you also have more control over the volume. I would recommend starting with whichever you are more passionate about.

Do you offer lesson discounts?

Yes, you can purchase 5 lessons at a time for $170, or 10 lessons at a time for $325. 

Is there an age limit?

Generally I teach students ages 8 and up. Some younger students have trouble reading or staying focused for a full lesson. 

Is ukulele easier than guitar?

Due to its size and number of strings, ukulele is easier for young students to start on. There are also small guitars for beginners whose hands aren't that big. 

What do I need besides my instrument to get started?

  • Your instrument

  • A tuner (you can find apps online too)

  • Amplifier (for electric instruments)

  • Cable (for electric instruments)