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Going to my first big show since COVID: Black Crowes!

You know things are really bouncing back after COVID when you get to see a real concert again! This Sunday I'll be attending the Black Crowes in Hartford as part of their "Shake Your Money Maker" tour. They are playing their first album in its entirety, which is a favorite of mine. I actually saw them back in 2005 and although they were good, I only recognized maybe 2 songs. This tour will be a nice contrast to the first show. The opening act is also the up-and-coming rock band "Dirty Honey" which I am also excited about.

Being the musician and nerd that I am, one thing I look forward to when I see shows is what equipment they will use. Rich Robinson (the guitarist) often uses Marshall plexi amps which are among the best out there. I hope to see a few of those on stage. He also usually uses Gibson guitars, but I'm sure he will switch it up for different songs. The other guitarist is actually a new member, along with the drummer and keyboard player.

One fun activity I like to do before going to a show is to make a personal setlist. If I go with my friends to see a band that we like, we will each make our ideal setlist and compare them. It is very unlikely that they will play exactly what you want, but it is just a fun way to get pumped up for the show. This particular tour has a predictable setlist, but I'll be sure to make a set for the next show that I see.

Anyway, the blogs are back for good for the rest of the summer! I had a great couple of vacations in June and July and have been quite busy with live gigs.

Cheers to the return of live music! We need it now more than ever

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