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Taking a Vacation, New Blogs Coming Later this Month

As some of you know, my wedding day is coming this Saturday! We are very excited for the big day, and we have a great live band put together for the wedding (made up of my awesome colleagues). For the first time, I'll be "on the other side" of the wedding events.

Next week I'll be on vacation. This will be my first getaway since COVID, and it feels like a much-needed start to the summer. This trip will be to Cape Cod for a few days. Hopefully someone is hosting a lobster roll eating contest lol!

I will of course return to make my debut at The Loft Restaurant in North Andover on Thursday. Though I'll be away from the computer that week, I'll still be accessible via email for anything important. New blogs will be coming later in the month though! If you have any suggestions for blog topics, I'd be more than happy to share my thoughts/views/experiences.

See you all soon!

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