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Using IMDB for Production Music Composers

The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) is a great tool and resource for production music composers. If you compose music for TV and movies, you can create a profile on IMDB and add yourself as a composer for each show/movie that you have music on. Having an official IMDB page helps make you look legitimate and is sort of like an online resume.

Every couple months I like to go through my list of TV placements and add them to IMDB. Not every program is on there, and not every show is kept up to date on the site, but you can always add contributions to the pages. I usually can successfully add about 25% of my placements to IMDB without doing a ton of work.

How to add yourself as a composer

- If you don't have one, create an IMDB profile

- Search for the program that you had music on

- Find the episode that you had music on

- Near the bottom of the page, click the "Edit Page" button

- Under "Cast and Crew" next to "Music Department" click the dropdown menu and select "Add 1 credit"

- Click "Continue" on the bottom of the page

- On the next page, add your name, choose "composer" from the dropdown menu and put "additional music" as the category

- Click "Check these updates"

- Assuming everything was filled out correctly, you can submit the change

These changes are usually published pretty quickly (within a few hours or days). If the program or episode isn't listed, you can create it, but it takes more time. I usually don't bother if the show isn't listed, but I have on occasion added a specific episode. If you update your page every month or every few months, you won't get overwhelmed. You can also pay for IMDB Pro, which allows you to add a profile photo to your page, among other things.

Anyway, it is pretty simple to submit these edits and it can be cool to see yourself listed on the site! Check out my IMDB page.

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