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Now Offering 1-On-1 Virtual Sync Licensing Classes!

Updated: Apr 4

Are you venturing into the Sync Licensing world? Do you need help getting started? I am a professional composer for sync and would like to help you on your journey! Over the past few months I've given out some free information to aspiring and beginning composers and have gotten a lot of specific questions from individuals. Since it would be a bit overwhelming to respond to everyone for free (I spend a lot of time composing after all), I've decided to offer one-on-one classes to anyone interested.

One-on-one classes allow us to tackle your specific situation, as opposed to starting with generic information which you may already know. You can take 1 class, 2, 10, whatever you want! There is no minimum amount of sessions, and they can be every week, every month, etc.

Topics can include:

  • Joining and registering music with a PRO

  • Learning the types of deals (non-exclusive, exclusive, work-for-hire, etc.)

  • Popular libraries, unpopular libraries, bad deals

  • How to compose different styles of music, creating full albums

  • Mixing and mastering tips/tricks

  • Writing music for briefs

  • Any other questions you may have

These classes will NOT be about me giving you my hard-earned contacts, or otherwise trying to "get you into" a specific library. Trial and error is the name of the game anyway, and there is no shortcut. Time and effort are the real factors!

60 Minute Class: $100

Please use my contact form or email if you are interested in taking a sync class!

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