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Waiting Patiently for My "New Toy" to Arrive! (It's a Guitar Amp)

The time has finally come for me to invest in my "dream" guitar amplifier: the Marshall 1987x! I've had my eye on this amp for a long time (as the Sweetwater staff will tell you lol). The 1987x is a Marshall Plexi re-issue which captures the tone of classic 70's amps. Being a big fan of classic rock, and rock in general, it feels like the amp I've been seeking. I had the pleasure of using one of these amps while recording my Cloud 9 EP in the fall of 2020 (check out the intro to the title track for a good example). After using it for those recordings, I HAD to have one of my own.

Aside from this amp, I already have a coveted Marshall JCM800 which will complement the new one perfectly in stereo recordings. I will definitely be due for a new rock album for my sync licensing catalog soon. Pair these two heads with a Marshall 4x12 and an Avatar 2x12 cabinet and we have a formula for some big rock music.

As I said, I'll have to wait patiently for the amp to arrive, as it is currently on backorder. I read that some of these amps will be going up in price due to the current value of the US dollar verses the GBP. That felt like a good reason to secure the amp that I knew I wanted anyway. I'll be sure to post some photos when the day comes!

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