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Recording is Back in Full Swing!

Something about this time of year gives me inspiration to get "back to work" after a busy summer. I did record over the summer, but a lot of my time was spent playing gigs, going on a few vacations, getting married(!) and working on some other personal projects (not related to licensing).

I probably recorded 35ish licensing tracks over the summer, which is decent, but I usually do more during every other season. This fall is off to a great start, I'm working on 2 full albums already, 1 of which is 95% done. The 2 new albums are Stomp & Clap Rock (solo, with a co-writer on 1 track) and a Classic Rock style album (a collaboration with Brian McGravey).

The rock albums seemed like an obvious choice after I finally got my new Marshall 1987x. And so far I couldn't be more pleased with the new amp! I will definitely share the new music on Soundcloud as soon as it is done.

Aside from the albums in the works, I have plenty of albums in the pipeline waiting to be published. Some of the upcoming releases are:

- Racing Rock album (Independent UK library)

- Reggae album (UK Major label)

- Celtic Guitar album (US Major label)

- Wilderness Underscore album (UK Major label)

- Minimal Guitar album (US Independent label)

- Jazz Guitar album (US Independent label)

- Country album (US Independent label)

- Acoustic Underscore album (UK Major label)

- Alt-Punk Album (US Independent label)

It feels good to be back in full swing again. New opportunities are coming up every day and the placements have been great so far this fall. Stay tuned for the newest releases!

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