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Warming Up for a Vocal Session or Gig

I'd like to share with you some of the preparations that I do before singing live, recording voice over, or recording in the studio. As most singers and VO artists will tell you, preparation and warming up makes a world of a difference. It also helps prevent getting fatigued and causing damage to the vocal cords. Here is my method for example, that I use to prepare for a live gig.

  • Hydrate! Drink plenty of water throughout the day to ensure the vocal cords are lubricated.

  • Drink throat comfort tea or something similar. I am a tea drinker anyway, and came across "Throat Comfort" by Yogi, which has become my go-to for days where I need to sing. 2-3 Cups throughout the day before a gig does wonders.

  • Warm up in the car on the way to the gig (or in private if it is a studio session). The warm-ups I do include lip rolls, vocal fry, lip roll scales, scales on certain vowels, etc. My warm up routine was heavily influenced by some YouTube videos by Eric Arceneaux. He is great and has a ton of different videos for different purposes, I highly recommend!

  • Sing a few easy songs to start the show, or talk in a calm way to warm up for VO. The throat needs to get used to being used, and you need to get used to your headphone or monitor volume and tone.

  • After that, it is time to rock and roll! Always be careful not to strain or sing/scream really loud, as this will cause fatigue and possibly damage.

Singing and voice over can be really fun, but shortcuts will only hinder progress and quality. Take the time to warm up and you will notice a world of difference!

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