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What's in Your Guitar Bag?

I've decided to follow the "What's in your bag" blog trend and share the contents of my guitar/gig bag. Below is a list of essential items in my bag that I use for gigs, lessons and studio sessions. Enjoy!

  • Guitar cables (3+)

  • Tuners (3+: clip on and old-school plug-in tuners)

  • Capos (2: G7th for electric, Kyser for acoustic)

  • Batteries (9v for acoustic guitar)

  • Staff paper/Books

  • Pencils

  • Power cable for amp

  • Power cable for delay pedal

  • Spare patch cables

  • Picks

  • Beta SM58 Microphone (for vocals)

  • SM57 or Sennheiser E609 Microphone (for live guitar amps)

  • Tablet (for lyrics)

  • Tools: Allen wrenches, screwdrivers, wrench

  • Ear plugs

  • Guitar slide

  • String cutter/winder

  • Tablet/phone charger

Assuming I am teaching lessons or playing a gig on guitar only, this is the only bag I need. If I play a gig on vocals I bring a whole extra bag with XLR cables, tablet stand, extension cords, power strips, extra mic, etc. That might need to be an entirely different post!

What's in your guitar bag?


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