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In-Person Music Lessons are Returning

Updated: May 6, 2021

As the COVID vaccine becomes more accessible, in-person lessons are starting to come back. I think most students prefer to have lessons in person, as opposed to online.

After one semester of virtual lessons I saw about a 50% drop in the amount of lessons I was teaching. Some students liked the video lessons, but others would lose focus, feel less engaged, or have technical difficulties.

For new students, I highly recommend in-person lessons if they are available. If I am there with you, I can help you tune for the first few times, point to the instrument or help with fingering, and it is easier to play songs together.

For experienced students, virtual lessons can actually be great. I have some students who often learn multiple new songs per week, and we benefit from the online databases of free tabs and sheet music. Screen sharing helps, and the ability for me to send music without having to write it down is a big time saver.

Though I teach in-person at my own studio, I also teach after school lessons for the Bedford, MA and Lunenburg, MA school systems. I anticipate that these schools will once again have in-person lessons in the fall of 2021. There will hopefully be summer sessions in Bedford this year too. Of course, virtual lessons are always available. It is never too early to sign up!

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