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New Happenings for 2023!

I want to wish a very Happy New Year to everyone! 2022 was an unforgettable year for me as I became a father to a beautiful baby girl. It was also an awesome year for me career-wise and I am excited for the next one. In this post I'll be sharing some new things that will be happening in 2023.

Live Music

I have begun booking shows for 2023 with quite a few different bands, as well as solo, duo and other performances. Some acts that I will be playing with include the Randy McGravey Band (rock/alternative), Moonshine Band (country), Bell Bottom (classic rock), Mint duo (various styles), and the McGravey Bros duo (various styles).

I am also excited to begin working with 2 agencies as a solo guitarist/vocalist. The agencies are Murray Hill Talent and Bright Set Entertainment. If you are interested in booking weddings, private parties, corporate events or any other event, feel free to reach out on my Contact Page.

Music Licensing

This year I will surpass 5 years in the music licensing business. 2022 was my best year yet with over 250 TV placements. I already have multiple albums scheduled to be released for 2023. I am also finishing up several projects now and am very excited to be working with some awesome new co-writers.

This year I am also bringing on some guest writers for my Music Licensing blogs! Some guests are already signed up and others are interested as well. I'm hoping to get all types of guests (seasoned composers, library owners, music supervisors). Message me if you are interested in writing a post for the blog.

My production music catalog is very large now, so if you are interested in licensing some music please get in touch. It is always helpful if you can specify what you are looking for (style, instrumentation etc.). The music is also spread out to various websites so some of it may be hard to find.

New Original/Artist Music

Since I didn't put out any albums or EPs in 2022 I am eager to do another one this year. My idea this time around is actually to do an acoustic singer/songwriter EP. I like switching things up to keep my ideas fresh. There may also be some collaboration with other artists this year, so stay tuned!

Music Lessons

The guitar, ukulele and bass lessons will continue this year for several locations. I am still teaching for the school systems in Lunenburg, MA and Bedford, MA. In 2022 I also joined Pepperell Community Arts as an instructor. PCA is an awesome community, not just for music lessons, but also for musical theater.

Live Video

I think this will finally be the year that I film a live show of my full band! I was planning to do this a few years ago but COVID really put a damper on the full band scene. Check out some of the live shows (especially outside) this year and maybe you can be a part of the video shoot.


Here's to another great year!


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