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November 2023 TV Placement Log

Here is the list of known TV placements for composer Randy McGravey for November 2023. There were also LOTS more detections that I am unable to see because my detection service was maxed out for the month (over 100 additional detections).

- Various Promos for the show High Heat

Channel: MLB (USA)

11/1 - Music used on Téléachat

Channel: C8 (France)

11/7 - Various tracks used on Building Roots

Channel: HGTV (USA)

Episode: Building on Shaky Ground (#208)

11/8 - Music used on Yankees Magazine

Channel: YES (USA)

11/14 - Music used on Building Roots

Channel: HGTV (USA)

Episode: Build It and They Will Gather

11/19 - Music used on RAI News

Channels: RAI Uno, RAI Due (Italy)

11/20 - Music used on Kurzstrecke mit Pierre M. Krause

Channel: One (Germany)

Episode: Kevin Kühnert raucht verbotenes Zeug

11/21 - Music used on Weltbilder

Various Channels (Germany)

11/22 - Music used on Lokalzeit aus Köln

Channel: WDR FS [Köln] (Germany)

Various placements on NBA Basketball

Channel: NBA (USA)

11/24 - Music used on Hartes Deutschland - Leben im Brennpunkt

Channel: RTL2 (Denmark)

Episode: Frankfurt (18)

11/24 - Music used on (Unknown Program)

Channel: TV3 (Sweden)

Confirmed Unique Tunesat Placements (US/Europe): 15

Confirmed new placements (cue sheets, etc.): 0

Estimated new placements from international statement: 50

Previous Months Estimated Total: 371

YTD estimated: 436

New Goal for the Year: 450

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