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The first 8 guitar chords you should learn

Updated: May 6, 2021

When playing songs on guitar (especially acoustic) probably 90% of what you will be playing is chords. So if you are just starting out, these chords will help you play songs in no time! Chords are shown as pictures, and the info below will help you read them.

Reading Fretboard Diagrams

- Vertical lines indicate strings (from left to right: EADGBe)

- Horizontal lines indicate frets (3 frets are shown in these photos)

- ○ indicates an open string

- ● indicates fretted note

- x means to mute a string (don't play it)

- Numbers below indicate finger numbers (Index=1, middle=2, ring=3, pinky=4)

Basic Guitar Chords

Below you can also find a downloadable PDF version of this photo.

8 Basic Guitar Chords
Download PDF • 19KB

These chords, and hundreds of others are available in "Guitar Chords Complete" by Randy McGravey. Good luck on the beginning of your exciting journey in learning how to play guitar!

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