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Goal Achieved: Over 100 TV Placements in 2021!

I'm sure most of us in the music licensing business had new years resolutions to get more placements. I'm happy to say that I succeeded in my goal to get at least 100 placements! This was easily my best year so far in the licensing field. I recorded a total of 14 albums, and several other tracks, totaling over 165 for the year.

I have plenty of publishers/libraries to thank for this great year. Basically all of my music is placed through libraries (as opposed to agents or doing it myself). Some are independent libraries, while some sub-publish through major labels (Universal, APM, BMG, etc.). The placements were spread out among dozens of different countries. Almost every placement was through an exclusive library.

Some notable American placements from the year included:

  • Pawn Stars (quite a few episodes)

  • Adult Swim Promo

  • QVC Promo

  • Lincoln: Divided We Stand (CNN Documentary)

  • NASCAR (multiple placements)

  • College Football (multiple placements)

  • RightThisMinute (The CW, multiple placements)

  • Beach Hunters (HGTV)

  • Dino Hunters (Discovery)

  • Today with Hoda & Jenna (NBC)

  • FOX NFL Sunday

I'm coming up on 4 years in this business, and it definitely seems to be adding up. If you are a composer in this field, stick with it! This didn't happen overnight for me, it is a result of almost 4 years of hard work and dedication. Even though a lot of musicians are entering this field, it is still possible to to succeed. Music is always in demand throughout the world.

If you are an aspiring music licensing composer, learn all about this field and how to succeed in my new book: "Making Money with Music Licensing"

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