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Here's to 50 Blog Posts! Ranking the Top 10

Earlier this year, I started writing several blog posts a week. Subjects have varied and have included recording, weddings, TV placements, upcoming shows, voice over, etc. It has been exciting and there have been hundreds of readers! Thanks to everyone who has been reading, and I hope you've enjoyed the content so far. Below is a list of the top 10 most popular blog posts based on the amount of viewers.

  1. Music Libraries for New Composers (Sync)

  2. Composing Production Music - 3 Year Update

  3. Sync Music Licensing - The Big Libraries

  4. Composing Production Music: My Process

  5. Audio Detection Services (TuneSat, SoundMouse, and more)

  6. Using IMDB for Production Music Composers

  7. 10 Tips for New Composers for Sync

  8. Joining a Performing Rights Organization (PRO) as a Musician

  9. TV Placement Log (May 2021) - Randy McGravey Music

  10. Randy McGravey Music - TV Placement Log (April 2021)

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