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Performing for Weddings: FAQ's

Updated: May 6, 2021

Hey everyone! I'm here today to answer some frequently asked questions regarding performing for wedding cocktail hours, ceremonies and receptions.

Can you play requests?

Yes! I am happy to play requests for your event. I have a master list of songs on my website which you can choose from. I can also learn a reasonable amount of new songs for your event, depending how far ahead we book. It is realistic for me to learn 2-5 new songs per event.

Do you provide your own equipment (PA, microphones)?

Yes I do. I can do 1 or 2 main speakers depending on the size of the venue or area. The setup has been sufficient for every wedding I've played. I can also provide a microphone for speeches and other announcements.

How far ahead do you book weddings?

Basically if the date is open, I can book it. It is always best to contact sooner rather than later. I've booked events 1 or 2 months out, and also 1-2 years out. Check out my performance schedule to see what dates are booked.

Do you need electrical outlets to perform?

Yes, I prefer to have 2 outlets for my speaker setup. I always have extension cords and power strips with me, so I can run it from the nearest power source. This is necessary even for acoustic guitar and ukulele, because without putting it through the speakers, it will be very quiet.

How do we figure out the itinerary?

If you have one already, you can send it to me with instructions on when/where to play. I can have speakers set up in different areas if necessary. If you don't have an itinerary we can work together and figure out all of the details. I can also work with the wedding planner to ensure everything goes smoothly.

How far can you travel?

I mostly perform in New England. When I give quotes, I factor in the amount of miles I need to travel. In some cases I will also request a hotel if the distance is over 100 miles (especially if it is a late night).

Please post any other questions if you have any!

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