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PRO Statement Breakdown (Domestic Songwriter, Q4 2022)

Today I'll be breaking down my most recent domestic statement from my PRO. My domestic statements have been extremely frustrating and inconsistent compared to my international payments. In fact, I am anticipating that around 95% of my income from my PRO this year will be from international placements!

- The bulk of my earnings were from claiming live performances when I play at local venues. My PRO handles this under "additional categories". As far as I know, you can do this with all of the American performing rights organizations (and I would recommend it, especially for touring artists). Assuming you perform tracks that you fully own, you will get the publishing share as well for these performances.

- The 2nd most earnings were from the Internet AV category. Streaming services are included under this category, and the highest paying was Paramount Plus. The lowest was Amazon VOD which counted 2,462 viewings of 1 show which netted $0.01.

- The 3rd most earnings were from the Internet Audio & Music Videos category. The only significant payment from this category was from "YouTube Proxy AV Performances". Others like Apple, Spotify and Audible Magic earned very low figures (though I don't put much effort into putting music on these services). I know others who are making a lot of money with streaming services such as these though.

- For "Cable TV - Blanket" I received a few bucks for sports programming. It was not significant at all, and was about 10% of my co-writer's payment (he is with a different PRO)!

- It is worth mentioning, that my earnings from this statement came from a combination of exclusive and non-exclusive tracks. The music I put on Spotify, Apple Music and whatnot is always non-exclusive (though some libraries put music on there too). The TV payments however, were all from exclusive tracks.

As I've mentioned before, I make the bulk of my PRO money from international placements. I'll report back next month with a hopefully much juicier statement!

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