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PRO Statement Breakdown: Q3 2022 (International)

Today I'll be breaking down my latest International PRO statement. Having been in this business for over 4 years, this was my best PRO payment thus far! Here are some highlights and info from the statement.

Number of Countries that Paid: 22

Number of Societies that Paid: 25

Highest Paying Country: Denmark

2nd Highest Paying Country: Hong Kong

3rd Highest Paying Country: Japan

Lowest Paying Country: Philippines ($0.00 lol)

Highest Earning Track: ~$455 (used in a lot of countries)

Highest Paying Placement: $79.52 (Denmark)

2nd Highest Paying Placement: $62.28 (Hong Kong)

- Germany is often one of my best paying countries, but this statement only included radio royalties (which were decent), private copying and "other royalties". The TV royalties I believe usually come through in the 4th quarter.

- Although I won't be sharing any library names, I earned royalties from about 12 libraries. The majority of the earnings were from 3 different libraries, two of which I have full albums with.

- Some re-airings of American shows (Magnum PI, Pawn Stars, etc.) were on this statement and generally paid less than $1. Re-airings were in Canada, Norway, Philippines, UK, etc. Re-airings of other countries' shows were also involved and paid up to ~$10 each.

- I work with several co-writers, one of which is with a different PRO than me. When he gets his next statement I will compare the placements with his and see which PRO is paying better for these international placements.

- TV placements made up about 79% of my income on this statement. "Other royalties" was 13% and the rest were other things (radio, internet TV, streaming etc.).

- My international royalties so far have been much higher than my domestic (USA) royalties. I attribute this to the libraries that publish their music worldwide as opposed to ones that mostly focus on American placements. Sub-publishers are just as important as the main publisher.

- For anyone who uses Tunesat to track placements, remember that they don't cover every country. 2 of my 3 highest paying countries aren't even on Tunesat! In fact, I think 14 out of 22 countries on this statement don't show up on Tunesat. You might have a lot of placements that you don't know about.

- Every single penny on this statement came from tracks that are with exclusive libraries. I do sometimes get royalties from a few older non-exclusive tracks, but they were absent on this statement. In my opinion and experience, exclusivity is almost essential to getting bigger placements.

I'd love to hear how some of you did this quarter. Feel free to comment and let me know of your successes! Much continued success to everyone.

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