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July 2022 TV Placement Log (Randy McGravey Music)

Here is the list of known TV placements from composer Randy McGravey for July 2022.

- 7/1 Music used on MLB Baseball

Channel: MLB (USA)

Regional Coverage

- 7/3 Music used on IMSA Weathertech Sportscar Championship

Channel: NBC (USA)

SportsCar Grand Prix

- 7/9 Music used on NHRA Drag Racing

Channel: Fox Sports 2, Fox Sports 1 (USA)

Sportsman Series: Norwalk

- 7/10 Music used on "Woontrends"

Channel: SBS 6 (Netherlands)

- 7/12 Music used on "Durch Dié Wildnis"

Channel: KiKA (Germany)

- 7/15 Music used on College Baseball

Channel: ESPN U (USA)

Game: SEC Tournament: Florida vs. Tennessee

- 7/16 Music used on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Channel: Food Network (USA)

Episode: Chicken, Steak and Cake

- 7/16 Music used on Menschen & Momente

Channel: SWR FS (Germany)

Episode: Das Gluck der Erde

- 7/17 Music used on Family Dinner

Channel: DIY (USA)

Episode: The Norman Family

- 7/17 Music used on Frankenshau

Channel: Bayerisches FS (Germany)

- 7/23 Music used on Unvergessen - Die Geheimnisse hinter den kultigsten RTL-Momenten

Channel: RTL Television (Germany)

Episode: Folge 2

- 7/24 Music used on SportsCenter

Channels: ESPN, ESPN 2 (USA)

- 7/24 Music used on På gränsen med Peter Jihde

Channel: TV3 (Sweden)

- 7/25 Music used on Nordmagazin

Channels: NDR Fernsehen, Radio Bremen FS (Germany)

Episode: Thilo Tautz

- 7/25 Music used on MDR aktuell

Channel: MDR Fernsehen [Sachsen]

Episode: vom 25.07.2022, 17:45 Uhr

- 7/26 Music used on MLB Baseball

Channel: MLB (USA)

Game: Pittsburgh Pirates at Chicago Cubs

- (7/27 to Present) Music used for a France 2 Promo

Channel: France 2

- 7/29 Music used on Maintower

Channel: Hessischer Rundfunk FS (Germany)

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