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May 2023 TV Placement Log

Here is a list of known TV placements for composer Randy McGravey (May 2023). This is a partial list, because the detection service that I use was maxed out for the month.

- 5/2 Music used on My Dream Car

Channel: Fox Business (USA)

Episode: Small Car Big Dreams

- 5/5 Music used on Geo

Channel: RAI Tre (Italy)

- 5/7 Music used on Anwälte der Toten - Verbrechen, die Deutschland bewegten

Channel: N TV (Germany)

Episode: Mutter und Baby verschwinden spurlos

- 5/8, 5/9, 5/10, 5/11, 5/16, 5/21 Various placements on Frühstücksfernsehen

Channel: SAT.1, SAT.1 (CH) (Germany)

- 5/11 Music used on Hartz und herzlich - Tag für Tag Benz-Baracken

Channel: RTL2 (Denmark)

Episode: Termine

- 5/12, 5/15 Various tracks used on Binnenstebuiten (KRO-NCRV)

Channel: Nederland2 (Netherlands)

- 5/14 Various tracks used on Animaux à adopter

Channel: C8 (France)

Episode: Pornic

- 5/15 Various tracks used on Unsere eigene Farm

Channel: WDR FS [Köln] (Germany)

Episode: Schwedische Selbstversorgung und Eifeler Naturschutzgarten

- 5/19 Music used on SEC Inside

Channel: ESPN U (USA)

Vanderbilt Women's Basketball

- 5/20 (Unknown Program)

Channel: RTL TVI (Germany)

- 5/21 Music used on NHRA Drag Racing

Channel: Fox Sports 1 (USA)

Pro Stock All-Star Callout

- 5/25 Music used on Guten Abend Deutschland

Channel: ServusTV (Denmark)

Confirmed Unique Tunesat Placements (US/Europe): 21

Confirmed new placements (cue sheets, etc.): 3

Estimated new placements (international statement): 50

Previous Months Estimated Total: 139

YTD estimated: 213

Goal for the Year: 350

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