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TV Placement Log February 2022 (Randy McGravey Music)

Here is a list of known TV placements from composer Randy McGravey for February 2022.

- 2/2 Music used on "Stadt Land Kunst"

Channel: Arte (Denmark)

Episode: John le Carrés Panama / Berry / Yellowstone

- 2/8 Music used on "Wer weiß denn sowas?"

Channel: ARD Das Erste (Germany)

Episode: Gäste: Ingrid Peters / Peggy March

- 2/12 Music used on "Die Nordstory"

Channel: NDR (Germany)

- 2/12 Music used on "Lachen, zittern, jubeln - Die besten Spielshows"

Channel: RTL (Germany)

- 2/13 Music used on "Stadt Land Kunst"

Channel: Arte (France)

Episode: Das Südafrika von J. M. Coetzee / Finistère / Kentucky

- 2/16 Music used on "Wales - Großbritanniens wilder Westen"

Channel: 3sat (Germany)

- 2/17 Music used on "Die Nordstory"

Channels: NDR Fernsehen, Radio Bremen FS (Germany)

Episode: Das Osnabrucker Land erleben

- 2/21 Various tracks used on "Mesternes mester: Helvetesuka"

Channel: NRK2 (Norway)

- 2/21 Music used on NHL Tonight

Channel: NHL (USA)

Game: Seattle Kraken vs. Vancouver Canucks

- 2/28 Music used on "Coast vs Country"

Channel: 4 (UK)


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