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TV Placement Log - January 2022 (Randy McGravey Music)

Here is the list of my known TV placements from January 2022. This was potentially my best month yet with at least 17 placements!

- 1/5, 1/12, 1/19 Various tracks used on "Temptation Island Suomi"

Channel: Nelonen (Finland)

- 1/7 Various tracks used on "Maison à vendre"

Channel: M6 (France)

Episode: Aurélia, jessica et katia / michel et armande

- 1/9 Music used on "SWR Sport"

Channel: SWR FS (Germany)

- 1/14 Music used on "ARTE Regards"

Channels: Arte (FR) (France), Arte (DE) (Denmark)

- 1/14 Music used on "Abenteuer Leben täglich"

Channels: kabel eins (Germany), kabel eins (AT) (Germany)

Episode: Thema u. a.: Frag den Henze: Pasta-Maschinen im Test Information, D 2022

- 1/18 Music used on "Stadt Land Kunst"

Channel: Arte (Fr) (France)

Episode: Das Südafrika von J. M. Coetzee / Finistère / Kentucky

- 1/18 Music used on "Årgang 20"

Channel: TV2 [Lorry] (DK) (Denmark)

- 1/20, 1/21 Music used on "A New Life in the Sun"

Channel: 4 (UK)

- 1/22 Music used on "Harte Hunde - Ralf Seeger greift ein"

Channel: VOX TV (Germany)

Episode: Der Gnadenhof Eifel und die Flutkatastrophe

- 1/26 Music used on "Tierisch Tierisch"

Channel: MDR Fernsehen (Germany)

- 1/28 Music used on "Mesternes mester"

Channels: NRK1, NRK2, NRK3 (Norway)

- 1/30 Music used on "Ich bin ein Star, holt mich hier raus"

Channel: RTL Tevelision (Germany)

Episode: Folge 10


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