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TV Placement Log - September 2021 (Randy McGravey Music)

Here is a list of known TV placements from composer Randy McGravey for September 2021.

- 9/5 Music used on "Onderweg Naar De Regio"

Channel: RTL 4 (Denmark)

- 9/5, 9/19 Music used on "Selviytyjät Suomi"

Channel: Nelonen (Finland)

Episode: Hylättyjen saari

(Other episode title unknown)

- 9/10 Music used on "Dino Hunters"

Channel: Discovery Channel (USA)

Episode: Rex Revealed

- 9/21 Music used on "RightThisMinute"

Channel: The CW (USA)

Episode: RTM1092121

- 9/21 Music used on "Landmand søger kærlighed"

Channel: TV2 [Lorry] (DK) (Denmark)

- 9/25 Music used on "Zurück zur Natur"

Channel: ORF 2 (Germany)

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