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International PRO Statement Breakdown (Q4 2022)

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

For many of us, this week was our PRO international pay period. Today I'll be breaking down my statement and listing some key stats and whatnot. This wasn't as high as my previous statement, but it is my 3rd highest since I've started in this business.


Number of Countries That Paid


Number of Societies That Paid

~20 (some societies collected for multiple countries)

Highest Paying Country

Germany (This was almost half of my statement. They only pay 1-2x a year, so that is no surprise. Germany is also possibly where I get my most placements).

2nd Highest Paying Country


3rd Highest Paying Country


Highest Paying Placement

$88.85 (Germany, TV show unknown)

2nd Highest Paying Placement

$53.31 (Germany, There was a 50% cowriter, so this placement was worth the most. TV show is also unknown.)

Lowest Paying Country

Tie between Austria and South Korea ($0.01 each)


Some other interesting notes

  • The placements were all from exclusive libraries except for one. The non-exclusive track earned me $16.80 between the writer and publisher shares. Coincidentally, this was not a TV placement, but a radio placement in Denmark.

  • One of my "artist" songs wound up on this statement under "download musical works". I don't think it was from a music library, but rather ended up on there through CDBaby.

  • There were easily over 100 placements on this statement (I don't care to count them)

  • 88% of my earnings were from the Television category. Other categories included were Radio, "Other Royalties", Private Copying, streaming and others.

  • At least 13 different libraries were represented on this statement.

  • There were a surprising amount of TV shows that re-aired in different countries. American shows and UK shows were among the ones that aired in the most additional countries.

  • Some countries listed a fair amount of details about each placement (Canada, Denmark, Finland), while others barely listed anything other than the track title (France, Germany, India).

  • I usually take this time to add some credits to my IMDB page. Not every show and episode is on IMDB (especially stuff in other languages), but I managed to input 6 new credits from this statement.


Overall I'm pretty happy with this statement. Lost of libraries were well represented on it. I'm happy Germany finally paid after several quarters of not paying. All of the societies have their own payment schedule of course, and bigger statements are sometimes just because lots of things line up. Let me know how you did on your statement!

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