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New Years Goals: Music Licensing

To help motivate myself in 2022, I'm going to share my music licensing goals for the new year! I expect this to be an awesome year for licensing, since my catalog has been growing for several years and I have quite a few albums waiting to be published by some great libraries. Without further ado, here are some of my goals.


Write/record at least 150 tracks - I did more than 150 this year, so I'm just trying to maintain the pace. It is very likely I'll do more than that, but 150 feels like a good minimum number (more than 1 album per month) considering everything else I have going on.

Get at least 150 TV Placements - This year I was over 100, so 150 feels like the next step. Once again, I could hit more than that and I hope to do so.

Land at least 1 Commercial - This is a big one, and isn't entirely in my control, but I'm really hoping for a commercial. To my knowledge I've had 2 commercials already. I'm making it a goal to record more commercial-friendly tracks as well.

Join at least 4 new libraries - This isn't exactly necessary, especially if my best performing libraries take a lot of my music in the future. But this year I joined 6 new libraries, and I'll probably get music into a few more. The more libraries I become a part of, the less I need to join new ones, hence the lower number for next year.

Get at least 1 Vocal placement - All my placements so far have been for instrumental tracks. I'm hoping to get at least 1 vocal placement in the new year. I record vocal tracks whenever I come across a brief that I think I can nail. I've had a handful of tracks accepted by libraries, so hopefully they are cued up somewhere.


These goals seem pretty do-able for me, and mostly I'm just trying to be as persistent and consistent as I have been. Here's to a successful 2022 for all of us! What are your New Years Goals? Leave a comment below!

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