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November 2022 TV Placement Log (Randy McGravey Music)

Here is the list of known TV placements for composer Randy McGravey for November 2022.

- 11/1 Music used on Wer weiß denn sowas?

Channel: ARD Das Erste (Germany)

Episode: Gäste: Ingrid Peters / Peggy March

- 11/2 Music used on World Series of Poker

Channel: CBS Sports (USA)

2022 World Series of Poker Main Event

- 11/5 Music used on College Football

Channel: ESPN, ESPN U (USA)

Alabama at LSU

- 11/5 Music used on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Channel: Food Network (USA)

Episode: Surf and Savory

- 11/5 Music used on Pfusch am Bau

Channel: ATV (Germany)

- 11/8 Music used on USA - Menaces sur la Democratie

Channel: ARTE (France)

- 11/11 Music used on NFL GameDay Final

Channel: NFL (USA)

- 11/11 Various tracks used on NFL Total Access

Channel: NFL (USA)

- 11/15 Music used on Lyxfällan Norge

Channel: TV3 (Sweden)

- 11/17 Music used on Den store matfesten - Toscana

Channel: TVNorge (Norway)

- 11/29 Various tracks used on 4 Hochzeiten - Von Braut zu Braut

Channel: VOX TV (Germany)

Episode: Tag 2: Emmaculate, Zarrentin am Schalsee

- 11/29 Music used on:

Lokalzeit Bergisches Land

Lokalzeit Ruhr

Lokalzeit aus Dortmund

Channel: WDR FS [Köln] (Germany)

- 11/30 Music used on Live nach Neun

Chanel: ARD Das Erste (Germany)

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