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PRO Statement Breakdown: 2023 Q1 International

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Today I'll be breaking down my most recent PRO statement. This month was for international royalties and was my 2nd highest earning statement to date (5 years in the biz). Check out some key stats and info below.

Countries That Paid


Societies That Paid


(quite a few collected for each other)

Highest Earning Country

Hong Kong

(and every single placement was for the same track and same show)

2nd Highest Earning Country


3rd Highest


4th Highest

United Kingdom (very close to Canada)

- There were a few countries that I hadn't received royalties from prior to this statement, those countries are Belgium, Estonia, and Slovenia.

Highest Paying Placement

$63.87 (Hong Kong)

2nd Highest Paying Placement

$43.07 (Hong Kong)

Some Other Interesting Data

- Almost 1/3 of my earnings were from 1 track, including the 3 highest paying placements and the entire Hong Kong section of the statement. One Hong Kong show used this track in 9 different episodes which all received "other royalties" too. That same track placed in 11 countries. This library has great worldwide distribution which is very important to me!

- Two of my non-exclusive tracks found their way onto this statement, one of which earned about $50 in Ireland.

- Germany only paid me $0.01 and not from their PRO "GEMA" but from SACEM (French PRO). Germany is usually one of my highest earning countries, but this wasn't one of their pay periods for GEMA or TV placements.

- Australia also wasn't on this statement, and they were a high earner for me on the last one. Not every country pays for every statement, they are all following their own schedules.

- About 75% of my earnings were from the TV category. Other earnings were from "Other Royalties," Streaming, Download musical works, Internet TV, radio, and music by electronic or mechanical means.

- I was a bit surprised how much some American TV shows air in other countries, especially considering the variety of languages.

- The music from this statement was licensed from at least 20 different libraries! I believe it is important to diversify libraries, especially in order to achieve worldwide results.

- I didn't count the amount of TV placements on the statement, but if I were to estimate, it is probably around 150-200.

- Tunesat maybe only picked up 20% of these placements, since they don't monitor much beyond the US and Europe. My placements in Asia have been some of the best on recent statements.

After getting these statements I usually go through and update my IMDB page with any new placements that I wasn't aware of. Though a lot of stuff is in other languages, I can usually get 7-10 new credits for IMDB. I have had people reach out to me based on IMDB credits, so I think it is a worthwhile effort.

How did everyone else do on their statements? Let me know in the comments!


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