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PRO Statement Breakdown Q1 2023 (Domestic Songwriter)

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Today I'm breaking down my domestic songwriter Performing Rights Organization statement from Q1 2023. I'm happy to say this was my highest domestic statement to date! I've been in the music licensing business for almost 5 years now. This statement was about 4x higher than my next best domestic statement, and my 4th best statement ever (including international). Let's take a look at some takeaways from the statement.

Top Paying Placement


(my best yet for a non-commercial)

Show - Magnum P.I. (CBS)

Music usage - 0:37

2nd Best Paying Placement


(2nd best ever for a non-commercial)

Show - 2022 NFL Draft (ABC)

Music usage - 0:39

There were other high-paying placements on those channels as well, including a re-airing for $109!

Snapshots of other Channels (Partial List)

The CW - 10 second promo, 1 airing ($4.12)

(Tunesat didn't pick up)

VH1 - average placement ($3.82)

NGW - low single dollars per placement

(Tunesat didn't pick up)

History Channel - high single dollars per placement

Oxygen - low single dollars per placement (re-airings)

Streaming Services Snapshot

Amazon VOD, Apple VOD, Disney+, Microsoft Movies/TV, Paramount Plus, YouTube VOD

All earned pennies, Paramount being the highest.

Other Info

There were other categories represented on this statement as well, including live performance, internet, additional categories, etc. Live performance was the best among these (my streams of my artist music aren't exactly high on services such as Spotify and Apple Music).

Another thing to consider, was that Tunesat picked up maybe half of my overall placements on this statement. The system isn't foolproof and it is encouraging to get random payments for unknown placements!

How did everyone else do on their statements? Leave a comment!

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