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TV Placement Log - October 2021 (Randy McGravey Music)

Here is a list of known TV placements for composer Randy McGravey from October 2021. This was one of the best months so far!

- 10/1 Music used on "Today with Hoda & Jenna"

Channel: NBC (USA)

- 10/2 Music used on "Wooninspiraties"

Channel: RTL 4 (Netherlands)

- 10/4 Music used on "Kærlighed på hjernen"

Channel: TV2 [Lorry] (DK) (Denmark)

- 10/4 Music used on TV3 (Sweden)

Program Unknown

- 10/7 Music used on "KiKa LIVE"

Channel: KI.KA (Germany)

- 10/11 Music used on "Beestenbrigade (KRO-NCRV)"

Channel: Nederland 3 (Netherlands)

- 10/11-10/17 Music used on

"18 Holes With Natalie Gulbis and Jimmy Hanlin" and other various programs

Channels: YES, NBA (USA)

Episode: Tidewater/N. Myrtle Beach Plantation

- 10/12 Music used on "Live nach Neun"

Channel: ARD Das Erste (Germany)

- 10/16 Music used on "Pawn Stars"

Channel: History Channel (USA)

Episode: Rick and Chum's Wild Ride; Disney Picks

- 10/20 Music used on "Slowenien Magazin"

Channel: 3sat (Germany)

- 10/21 Music used on "Das!"

Channel: NDR Fernsehen [NDS] (Germany)

- 10/25 Music used on TV3 (Sweden)

Program Unknown

- 10/28 Music used on "Unsere Geschichte"

Channel: NDR Fernsehen [NDS] (Germany)

Episode: Als die Grenze zur DDR durchlässig wurde


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